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Small Pouch

Small Pouch Seed

The best way to create your own custom blend of food plot seed. Our background in agriculture allows us to understand the importance of starting with quality seed. Growing conditions are not always favorable, but with the right seed, you are off to the best start possible. We grow and purchase seed farmer direct to assure quality from our field to yours. Our conditioning, blending, and packaging processes are designed to assure you get what you pay for. 

Small Pouch Seeds:

Antler Chicory 4lbs 1 Acre
Arrowleaf Clover 6lbs 1/2 Acre
Bucknip Forage Turnips 5lbs 1/2 ACre
Buck Radish 4lbs 1/3 Acre
Clover Deluxe 5lbs 1/4 Acre
Crimson Clover 6lbs 1/5 Acre
Florida Broadleaf Mustards 5lbs 1/2 Acre
Joint Vetch 5lbs 1/4 Acre
Newbie Sugar Beet 2.5 lbs 1/4 Acre
Purple Top Turnips 5lbs 1/2 Acre
Rampart Ladino Clover 6lbs 1 Acre
Southern Alfalfa 5lbs 1/4 Acre
Trophy Rape 5lbs 1 Acre
White Cloud Clover 6lbs 1/4 Acre
Winter Forage Peas 5lbs 1/10 Acre

*Plant rate is based on 1 bag of seed broadcast over 1 acre.