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Trophy Acre

Trophy Acre

Year-round food source formulated to maximize forage in any U.S. climate. Forage is what we consider the foundation of wildlife habitat improvement. Our background in agriculture allows us to understand the importance of starting with quality seed. Growing conditions are not always favorable, but with the right seed, you are off to the best start possible. We grow and purchase seed farmer direct to assure quality from our field to yours. Our conditioning, blending, and packaging processes are designed to assure you get what you pay for. We offer spring, summer, and fall seed blends to meet your year round forage needs. Check the tag for the blend, we have many blends to meet your growing conditions. As with all BACKWOODS ATTRACTION products, we stand behind FORAGEPRO and guarantee only the best.

Seed Blend:

Icicle Winter Peas 25%
Trophy Rape 15%
Purple Top Turnips 15%
Dwarf Essex Rape 15%
Crimoson Clover 10%
Antler Chicory 5%
Blackhawk Arrowleaf Clover 5%
Rampart Sugar Beets 4%
Buck Radish 1%


Planting Rates:

20 lbs 1 Bag Plants 1 Acre