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Catch 35

Catch 35

CATCH-35 Fingerling Fish Food is designed as a sinking ration and contains fish meal as the #1 ingredient. These highly-digestible kibbles enable fish to effectively utilize nutrients which reduces fecal waste. Our manufacturing process reduces fine dust materials to help maintain water quality. Lower dust material also provides another health benefit by keeping particles from lodging in fish gills and attracting bacteria and fungus. Once fish reach the growing stage switch to a floating diet.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Min Max
Protein 35.0%
Fat 2.5%
Fiber 7.0%
Moisture 12.0%

Best Management Practices:

  1. The most common cause of fish loss is poor water quality.
  2. Avoid overstocking ponds.
  3. Avoid overfeeding; nutrient overload will deplete water oxygen.
  4. Reduce feeding fequency to five (5) days per week when water temperature reaches 85° F, Reduce feeding rates and frequency of feeding to three (3) days per week at temperatures above 95° F.
  5. Adequately aerate ponds.
  6. Reduce feed amount if feed is not completely consumed in 20 minutes
  7. Feed in late afternoon or early evening.